This is an actual home example found in Northcrest. Notes about the homes particulars are described below.

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 3463 Northlake Way

This home is built using one of two multi-level Traditional designs provided by the builder during the first Northcrest building phase. As with most of the builder's floor plans, the house is divided into left-right halves, with stacked rooms on either the left or right and living/dining/kitchen on the opposite half. The garage is located to the side opposite the living/dining/kitchen with the stacked half between. This style has four-sided brick with square columns as suppport for a front porch. Windows are usually shuttered and the roof peaks are tall.

I've only viewed a single example from the garage, so I'm not sure what the interiors are like - I suspect a mixture of MCM and 70's styling - including the "Jack and Jill" bathrooms as mentioned previously. I suspect that many of these units also have tongue-and-groove ceilings and galley kitchens. More information will be added as it becomes available.