These designs are from a Northcrest booklet offered to potential purchasers in the late 50's early 60's by P&H Realty.

The intitial offering provided at least six designs (two traditional and four MCM) on 300 wooded lots. The available designs expanded to include additional styles such as A-Frames and unique houses through three additional phases.

 P&H Phase 1 Style 5

This design is one of two multi-level concepts that are more in the Traditional vein, provided by the builder during the first Northcrest building phase. As with most of the builder's floor plans, the house is divided into left-right halves, with stacked rooms on either the left or right and living/dining/kitchen on the opposite half. The carport is located typically located to the side opposite the living/dining/kitchen with the stacked half between (however there may be variations to this layout). This style has four-sided composite wood horizontal siding. Windows may be shuttered and the roof peaks are short. The style is a composite of MCM and Traditional with a floorplan and interior similar to the other MCM houses the builder provided, with a more traditional exterior.

I've yet to visit an example, so I'm not sure what the interiors are like - I suspect a mixture of MCM and 70's styling - including the "Jack and Jill" bathrooms as mentioned previously. I believe that most of these units also have tongue-and-groove ceilings and galley kitchens. More information will be added as it becomes available.

This style is on the low end according to the booklet with an unadjusted sales price of $22,350 (the high-end was a Mid Century Modern listed for $24,600 - style 6 - and the low-end a contemporary at $19,750 - style 3).