I have found, through years of practice, that people garden in order to make something grow; to interact with nature; to share, to find sanctuary, to heal, to honor the earth, to leave a mark. Through gardening, we feel whole as we make our personal work of art upon our land.

Julie Moir Messervy
The Inward Garden, 1995, p.19

 Hoe 'N Hope Garden Club

The Hoe 'N Hope Garden Club has remained a consistent gathering of female residents who share the simple love of gardening and landscape beautification. The club has been a part of Northcrest since October 22, 1963, with some original home-buyers as club members. The official club flower is the pink Rose (rendering above) and the club meets on the first Tuesday of every month from September through May, with meetings moving from member-home to member-home.

The club charter states: "The objectives of the club shall be to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to learn and study horticulture in the home and neighborhood, to aid in the protection of native trees, plants and birds; to assist in every way in preserving and enhancing the beauties of the yard and neighborhood."

The club also maintains, through countless hours, labor, funds and donations, the Northcrest neighborhood main entrance sign and planter (photo above, please click to enlarge). Northcrest is a better place because of the efforts of the Hoe 'N Hope Garden Club!