This design is representative of homes built during the first phase of Northcrest but not listed in the P&H Buider Catalog currently in my possession.

I've taken the liberty of rendering examples of various undescribed designs, attempting to maintain the style of the original catalog. These renderings are an extension of the six designs so far described.

 Phase 1 Style 10 - "The Doublestack!"

It's questionable whether this style should be classified as a Mid-Century Modern or Traditional - there are examples in the neighborhood that exhibit elements of both. As the original, box design could be mistaken for a traditional two-story house, I'll leave it up the reader to decide. This design is one that has survived from P&H's earlier catalog of homes - you can see examples in Northwoods and elsewhere in some of their earlier building efforts. The earliest built in Northcrest are along the Northern side of Regalwoods (near the main neighborhood entrance). I affectionally refer to these as "Doublestacks" as the top and bottom floors resemble each other so much that the house looks very much like two ranches stacked on top of one another. Those examples along Regalwoods have completely seperate floors, joined by a floating staircase that may be accessed to the right or left of the front door. The bottom side adjacent to the carport also opens to the carport - this is a classic design element that allows groceries to be easily carried from the car to the kitchen counter.

This design begins to get more interesting as you progress into the neighborhood and see later-built examples - those usually have an open living space that extends to the second floor ceiling - the double-stacked windows in the front open to the space and display an awesome vista to the outside. The second floor usually has a room with wood railing providing a mezzanine-type effect, overlooking the main living area. Square footage is abundant - I find these homes both easy-on-the-eyes and roomy with lots of potential.