This is an actual home example found in Northcrest. Notes about the homes particulars are described below.

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 3353 Regalwoods Dr

I've always really liked this house. At first glance from street level, the house is obscured by plantings in the front yard - also it's rather non-descript since you look down on the lot. However there is something about the overall extended nature of the house that catches the eye - this has to do with the extensive ornamental block wall that provides privacy to the car port (which extends to the left rather than to the front) and further extension of the same design blocks to the right. The builder really had fun with this house, providing not just one, but two similar design elements of textured block and metal railing. With block reminiscent of the Storer House, this home is special (althougth I believe the current homeowner does not like the block - I hope he'll give me a call if he ever decides to remove it!). It is also unusual in that there is no front door access from the facing street - the door is accessed through the carport and side driveway.