This is an actual home example found in Northcrest. Notes about the homes particulars are described below.

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 3730 Eaglerock Dr

This is by far one of my favorite houses in Northcrest. Situated along the very north-eastern edge of the original development, the yard butts up to the public Pleasantdale park. Even with some of the traditional elements, one may see the Mid-Century Modern lines of the house. I particularly like the picture windows, ground to ceiling along the living area in the front cener of the house, then extended to the right as clerestory windows. This house features a chest high wall to obscure the carport to the left, with the driveway turning into the end carport. I would like to view the inside to see how similar this house is to others in the neighborhood - as the lot does not even show on a neighborhood map I possess (rendered in 1964), I believe the house was built at a later time. More information as it becomes available.