These are the streets that make up the Northcrest Neighborhood with corresponding homes.

Regalwoods Drive forms a backward "C" that arcs from Northcrest Road to the North, reconnecting to Northcrest Road to the South. Click the image at right to gain a better view of the map.

 Regalwoods Drive

Regalwoods Drive is the main Northcrest entrance providing neighborhood access from either end. On the Northern-most end, Regalwoods splits into a short boulevard - the median houses a knee-high planter showcasing the Northcrest sign. Regalwoods Drive provides an arch that connects Heartwood Lane to Northcrest Road towards the west, and several paths east, including: Summitridge Drive, Bowling Green Way and Beachhill Drive (Beachhill Drive provides access to Hidden Acres and Northcrest East).